Welcome to the New Levels Coaching Podcast. As coaches we want to share our knowledge and expertise with the running, triathlon and endurance sports community.

Each week, our host Lewis Moses, former Team GB International Athlete turned Coach, will be joined by a special guest and together they will aim to educate and inspire our audience to help them find their own potential. We want people to listen, engage, take the best bits and LITERALLY RUN WITH THEM!

Episode 20: Finding Your Running Mojo & Our Love for Running

In episode 20 coaches and Gemma look at how runners who feel as though they have lost their running mojo can start taking action to find it. It’s totally normal to feel demotivated at times, but in this episode we look at strategies to help you get back on track.

With yesterday being Valentine’s Day, we also put our own twist on this old tradition and explore our LOVE for running and look at what keeps us motivated to not only run, but to help others on their running journey with coaching support.

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