Jen brings lots of experience and passion to her coaching and we are delighted to have her as a coach at NLC. Jen competes for the Darlington Harriers, where she coaches small groups of athletes who are looking to find their own potential. Jen has been supporting athletes of all abilities, to help them progress their running from 5k all the way up to the Marathon.

Jen has a love for the longer distances, particularly ultra running and the multi lap events and she continues to challenge herself not just with her coaching, but with her own running too. Whether it’s taking part, crewing/support running or volunteering, Jen will be there with a huge smile on her face, either pushing herself or supporting the athletes she is working with. We’re very lucky to have such a passionate and energetic coach as part of our team.

Recently Jen accepted a Fellowship with the Royal Society of Arts and believes strongly that “if we can, we have a responsibility to help others”.