“With a 20:52 best for 5k, and coming off a year of frustration (I’d never been able to get close to that sub-20 goal I’d been pushing so hard for), I approached Lewis to express how much I wanted to improve. That 30 minute call in October 2018 turned into 90+ and I left feeling very enthused about what was to come.Goals: to crack that sub-20 and then have a real crack at track events for the 2019 season. Lewis quickly set about putting my training plan together, whilst also being mindful of previous injuries. He identified physical improvements needed to compliment my new running regime. Initially, we set a 4 month plan, with an end goal of a 5k to go sub-20. Everything mapped out and clear, my job was simple….trust the process. What’s resulted since has been amazing. We’ve knocked nearly 90s off my 5k (way earlier than expected), and 39s off the Mile PB; confidence is sky high, and still climbing. I can’t speak highly enough of Lewis as a coach, as a person, as well as being grateful for all of the snippets of advice he offers up that have re-educated me on all aspects of my approach to running. 2019 is set up to be an exciting year”