Our Marathon accelerator programme is a coaching programme, designed to help marathon runners to run their best ever marathon in just 16 weeks


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Our expert coaching team will be in touch to arrange your on boarding call and will get you started


Your coach will start planning your personalised training plan, in line with your goals discussed on your initial call


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✅ Marathon runners of all abilities, who want to accelerate their marathon training

✅ Marathon runners who want accountability, structure and guidance from expert coaches

✅ Marathon runners who are fed up of generic marathon training plans that simply don’t work

✅ Marathon runners who trust the process and are willing to keep showing up to complete their plan

✅ Marathon runners who are willing to put in the work. This isn’t about ability levels, it’s about you doing the work to find your own potential

✅ Marathon runners who firstly want to find their running mojo and then find their marathon potential

✅ Marathon runners that are looking for ‘more than a marathon plan’ including help with strength work, stretching & mobility as well as coach education

✅ Marathon runners who are willing to invest in themselves. This programme isn’t free, it’s high quality coaching at an affordable price, but it involves commitment from the outset


❌ Marathon runners who have never trained before. Our marathon kickstarter programme is a better option for you

❌ Marathon runners who aren’t willing to put in the work and feel as though ‘ability’ will get them through

❌ Marathon runners who don’t want to follow a plan that is set out for them

❌ Marathon runners who don’t trust the coaching process and go off and do their own thing

❌ Marathon runners that ‘just want to run’. This is about learning from our team and it’s more than just running

❌ Marathon runners who don’t want to do any extras, such as strength work, stretching & mobility and working on you

❌ Marathon runners that aren’t willing to communicate. Our coaching works both ways, we love to get feedback from our runners and this is the only way it will work

❌ Marathon runners who feel like coaching should be free, or that paid plans are too expensive. We have no problem with this, but you will find plenty of free content online and we have no hard feelings if people want to go down that route


Check out all the benefits of joining our MARATHON ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME – “It’s more than just a training plan”


If you’re unsure whether this is right for you, why not speak to our coaching team, who can see if we can help you. During the call, we will also make sure you leave with a clear plan of how you can improve your running.



Check out the amazing results our NLC marathon runners achieve and what they have to say about our awesome coaching team

Totally recommend New Levels Coaching. I signed to train for the Amsterdam marathon and with the help of a super easy to use app NLC coached me through not only my running journey but my strength and conditioning as well. Training with New Levels Coaching helped me run a 15 minute PB which was 10 minutes quicker than my plan!!

Working with NLC for the last 5 months has taking me to a marathon time I could only dream of. Going from 3.22 to 2.55 in 16 weeks training and in only my 2nd marathon. Also PB’d in all other distances.

I loved having the structure in place each week to train effectively and give me the motivation to get out the door. I now feel stronger and fitter and have learnt so much along the way.

NLC coached me from being unable to run at the start of the year with an Achilles injury to completing the London Marathon in April in a time of 3.53. Top coaches, full of Knowledge, and get you to be the best runner you can be