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We speak to TOO MANY runners and triathletes who ...

  • Get overwhelmed by the amount of information on the internet & social media
  • Do the wrong type of strength training, often HIIT workouts, which aren't specific to their needs
  • Are told by physios to work on their glutes & core, but they fall into the trap of NOT doing this regularly
  • Don't know where to start when it comes to strength and conditioning

We will make sure runners & triathletes are ...

  • Working on the right areas, with the right technique & with expert guidance
  • Doing specific training, which is suited to them and their sport
  • Regularly working on the key areas, so they can build a strong body
  • Minimising the risk of injury, allowing you to exercise more consistently and with a smile on your face

Your Coach

Gemma Hillier-Moses

  • UKA Qualified Athletics Coach
  • Fully Qualified Personal Trainer
  • International Athlete
  • Co-Founder of New Levels Coaching

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For you to get a feel for what we offer, your first class is 100% free of charge. Just set up an account and then use your free token when booking the class you wish to do. We know you will love our classes and to become a regular you can either join per session, or for best value, sign up for our unlimited monthly membership.

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Our Classes

Bums & Tums

Our Bums and Tums Session ensures athletes are focusing on strengthening the key areas around the trunk, core and glutes. Working on these areas help athletes to maintain stronger positions when running, biking or swimming.By being strong we can also help to minimise our risk of injury, which will help people to train more consistently.

Stretching & Mobility

Our stretch and mobility session is a great way to iron out those tight spots and areas from the week's training and reset ready for the week ahead. Gemma will talk and guide you through all the stretching & mobility exercises safely, all you have to do is follow her lead.

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What the athletes say

Chris Palmer

“The great thing about bums and tums and also stretching with Gemma is that you learn to do things properly. It’s not just going through the motions, it’s targeting the right muscles in the right way. It’s made me so much stronger and made so much more efficient use of my time. It’s a routine I just won’t miss”

Paula Jennings

"I LOVE Gemma's interactive Bums & Tums sessions - I have been 'feeling the burn' every week since March and now really couldn't imagine my life without them!
The results-driven sessions, which are targeted specifically for runners, are engaging and motivational, meaning I look forward to them and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment in completing them each week. I really would recommend anyone to give these sessions a try"