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Endurance Physiology Workshop: Sun 29th Sep 2024

Workshop Overview

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Date: 29th September 2024


Duration: 1 day workshop, 10am Arrival – 4pm Depart


Location: Birmingham University Track, Edgbaston, Birmingham


Ability Level: For runners of ALL abilities who want to improve


Workshop Overview: New Levels Coaching & Runner Retreats have partnered to provide an endurance physiology workshop, which is the first of it’s kind in the UK.  The day includes a physiological test, performed on the track, as well as full analysis. Our coaching & physiology team will take runners through a physiological step test, taking their lactate sample at each stage, which will allow us to create runners a physiological profile. We will also have the addition of the revolutionary wavelight technology on the track, so runners can use the wavelight to help them with their pacing during the test.

Workshop Highlights

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Recieve the best possible coaching support on the day of the workshop, to help take your running to new levels



Surround yourself with positive like-minded runners of all abilities who are on a similar journey to yourself



Full physiological testing creating you an endurance physiology profile to help you train smarter and race faster



Take part in the physiology track session, with coach guidance and revolutionary wavelight technology to help with your pacing

Workshop Packages & Prices

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Workshop Overview

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We provide simplify the science behind the sport so you can understand how to apply your data to your training



Optional coach add ons including consultations and monthly coaching, helping you take your running to NEW LEVELS.



All runners will receive a full physiological report, including training zones and paces helping you to train smarter



A carefully constructed track session, so our coaching and physiology team can get all the data we need

Workshop Schedule

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9am – Arrival & Registration

9.30am – Start of the day including introductions

10am – Understanding physiology workshop

11am – Track session briefing

11.30am – Warm up for track session

12noon – Physiological Testing Track Session

1.15pm – Cool Down and opportunity to shower

1.30pm – Lunch

2.30pm – Session debrief & physiology application

4pm – Final Questions

4.30pm – Depart

Workshop Location

ParkHouse, 40 Edgbaston Park Rd, Birmingham B15 2RT

Workshop FAQ's

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Do I have to be a certain standard?

No we cater for runners of all abilities

Is this only for elite athletes?

No it’s for runners at any level who want to improve their running performance

What age do you have to be to attend?

16+ years of age, but if you have any specific age related questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us